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Dec 15

What can my mover move and not move???

When you hire a moving company there are certain items they are unable to move for you, per DOT regulations. These items include:

Hazardous Material:
-nail polish remover
-other chemicals

Combustible & Flammable Items:
-propane tanks
-lighter fluid and kerosene

Animals & Plants:
-these items should be transported in personal vehicles
-we can move the large/heavy potters but all soil and plants must be removed.


Perishable Foods:
-we can pack and move canned goods but no open or perishable items

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Nov 11

Charleston Movers

Moving in and/or out of a city can pose several challenges for an individual and is often best left to a professional moving company. Some issues that arise with downtown, and city moves, will be discussed on this page. Ready Set Movers specializes in downtown moves and offers its services to Charleston and the surrounding areas.

Tight spaces are a given with old cities, especially Charleston. When people try to move themselves and rent a rental truck, such as a U-haul, Penske or Budget truck they don’t take into consideration how narrow some of the roads are, how low a lot of the older trees hang and most importantly roads that do not allow trucks to drive down.

Another moving issue to consider when moving in, or out of, downtown Charleston is parking. It is hard to double park on a lot of these narrow streets because it will block traffic in both directions. Unless you are lucky and find on street parking in front of the home you will need to look into permits. The city of Charleston can issue a parking permit for your move. This is something Ready Set Movers takes care of for their customers and in the end saves customers money on their move because the distance from house to truck is much shorter resulting in fewer labor hours.

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Nov 11


Ready Set Movers Thumbtack.comReady Set Movers just signed up for a new service from Thumbtack.com. Check out their website to get all the details and read all their good press! Make sure to pass the word along. They are the next big thing in regards to the service industry.Charleston’s Moving Company!

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Oct 11

HOW TO PACK A BOX (1 of 10):


Great for moving books and smaller heavier items!

HOW TO PACK A BOX (1 of 10)
1.Books should be packed in book boxes (1.5 cubic feet). These types of boxes can roughly withstand 40-45lbs. Do NOT pack books in larger boxes. The weight of excess books will most likely destroy the boxes during your move.

Call us today for a free quote on boxes and other packing and moving materials.

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Oct 11

Charleston #1!!!!

Have you all seen the article by the 2011 Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards? What a great place to live. Now go exlplore Charleston!



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Jan 11

More people moving into SC than out

Found this story from the South Carolina Association of REALTORS facebook page http://www.southcarolinaradionetwork.com/2011/01/03/more-people-moving-into-sc-than-out/ (by Matt Long on January 3, 2011). Great read and couldn’t agree more! That is why we opened up Ready Set Movers, LLC in Charleston.
It’s not your imagination. More people are moving into South Carolina than are moving out of it.
According to the moving company United Van Lines, South Carolina is one of the top states for people moving in. United said 56 percent of its business in South Carolina involved those moving in, among the ten best in the country.
The company annually releases figures detailing its more than 150,000 customers among the lower 48 states.
North Carolina was slightly ahead of the Palmetto State at 57.5 percent. The District of Columbia was tops in the country, at 64 percent.
New Jersey had the most people moving out, as nearly 63 percent of the moves were outbound. The Great Lakes states, especially Michigan and Ohio, also had a lot of outbound moves.
While United is, granted, just one company, company officials maintain its migration tracking has accurately reflected population trends since the studies began in 1977.

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Nov 10

Another Satisfied RSM Customer!

We won’t shoot it or stuff it, but we will move it for you!

Custom Moving Crate for Hunting Trophies

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Oct 10

Customer Testimonials

Write a testimonial about your experience with Ready Set Movers and share it with our audience!

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Sep 10

A New Customer Service Driven Moving Company Comes to Charleston

Ready Set Movers was established by two childhood friends, Caleb Roca and Matt Nungesser, in Charleston, SC this year. Having worked for several successful and reputable moving companies in both Washington, DC and Boston, MA, where customer service was a priority, the two knew this philosophy had to be carried over into RSM. “Matt and I realize the importance of customer service in the moving industry and we aim to exceed your expectations when it comes to your moving needs.” says co-owner Caleb Roca on what sets RSM apart from the rest.


On October 1st, 2010 Ready Set Movers will be opening their doors for business in Charleston. RSM specializes in all moving services, ranging from residential and office moves, packing and unpacking, moving and packing supplies and free estimates for all moves. Whether you’re moving to, with-in, or out of Charleston they are the top choice for a stress-free and affordable move. So Charleston, when it comes time to move and you need a company you can trust with all your family’s belongings, call Ready Set Movers to handle all your moving needs.


Caleb and Matt can be reached by phone at (843) 822-7561, or by email Info@ReadySetMovers.com. Ready Set Movers also offers free online estimates for the convenience of their busy customers that don’t have the time for an onsite estimate. Click here for RSM Online Estimate Form.

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