Moving Services

Ready Set Movers offers a wide array of moving services to make your moving process as seamless and stress free as possible. We offer everything from full-service moving, where you can sit back and relax; to just simply helping you load or unload a storage unit or rental truck. Each service we offer is handled by our own highly trained crews. So you can rest assured your move will be handled with care and professionalism. All of us here at Ready Set Movers knows how much of a hassle and how time consuming moving can be. That is why we strive to make this a pain-free and enjoyable process! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (843)882-7561, or by email Info@ReadySetMovers.com.


Packing & Unpacking:

The moving process can be a long and tedious process. Starting with the packing and planning all the way to the unpacking the last kitchen box in your new house. Ready Set Movers provides all their customers the options needed to pack their homes. We have a wide variety of boxes and packing supplies needed to properly pack all of your homes contents. If you need help just packing the fragile kitchen and dining room items we can assist you with this. Or we can coordinate a full home pack and prep. When it comes to packing the entire home you would be surprised as to how many boxes and other packing material it takes. We realize you have a busy schedule especially with trying to plan a move so we offer a free box delivery for those wishing to pack on their own. Not only do we drop off the boxes and packing material, we provide you a packing cheat sheet, tips and pointers on how to properly you’re your home.


Ready Set Movers offers packing to all our customers. During your free estimate walk through with one of the crew members, we will determine how many boxes and packing supplies will be needed. The quantity of boxes and packing supplies is a varying number. We need to determine if you/we are packing only select rooms, such as the kitchen or dining room, or are we packing the entire home. There is no job to small or large for the packing crews.


Unpacking is another of the services Ready Set Movers offers. When you are all done with the move and into your new home the last thing on your mind is going through countless numbers of boxes. We can either simply assist you in emptying the contents of the boxes or take it one step further and place the items in their appropriate locations, drawers, cabinets, etc. Upon completion of unpacking the contents of your move the Ready Set Movers crews will breakdown all boxes and remove all boxes and packing paper used for your move so that you do not have the burden of trying to figure out what to do with all those boxes and bags of packing paper. This allows you to get straight to the fun part; decorating and styling your new home to make it “your home”!



Ready Set Movers takes a new approach to moving in the Lowcountry and around the nation. It’s very simple; we put the customer first and create a comfortable environment for everyone. Not only do we want our customers to feel comfortable about who they are letting into their homes to move their family’s belongs, but also that the crews are confident with their skills and with each other, which helps create that stress-free move we work so hard to achieve.


Residential moving is the number one service Ready Set Movers provides its customers. Moving can be one of the most stressful, and certainly the least fun part about buying or renting a new home. We understand this and try to make our customers feel as relaxed as possible. We accomplish this by providing our customers with a top notch crew for their big move. These crews bring experience and a strong work ethic. When establishing the crews at Ready Set Movers we look for people whom display exceptional values and demonstrate extraordinary personality characteristics. We realize the importance of the crew that will be assisting you with your move, which is why we put so much time and effort into our crew members. We train our crew members with a hands on approach and teach new members all the proper techniques needed to safely and properly move your household items to your new home.


Local Moves:

Looking to move in and around Charleston? Call Ready Set Movers today to get a free estimate for your upcoming move. Whether you’re moving in a year, or have a last minute move tomorrow, call us to get the process moving! Local moves consist of your move originating and finishing within Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester Counties. We also offer moves throughout the entire state of SC as well as interstate moves.


Long-Distance Moves:

Long-distance, or interstate, moves are another service offered to Ready Set Movers. Often customers moving long-distance are doing so because of work relocation, just recently graduating from school, or just simply looking for a change in scenery. Long distance moves are treated much differently than your standard local move. As a licensed mover we must provide our customers with the proper federal documentation and information, both before and after your move, per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines. When we conduct a long-distance move for our customers we do so in the same manner we would as with a local move. One of the big differences with Ready Set Movers is that we are a single load mover. When we move you, we are only moving YOU! We will not put numerous loads within the same truck or shipment. This allows us to cater to your moving needs much better and to arrive at both the start and end address when you desire. We do not require a big time window for your pick-up and delivery. Also, by maintaining single load moves, we eliminate the chances of your belongings getting mixed up with another family’s belongings. So, whether you are moving to the upstate or another state all together let Ready Set Movers get you there.


Office Moves:

Ready Set Movers can assist you in your upcoming office move. If your company is growing out of its current office space and upgrading to more room we are here to make that transition as smooth as possible. We also offer internal moves, for businesses that are just moving within the same building or complex. We can work during off hours and weekends as to not disturb your daily office routine. Call Ready Set Movers today to see how we can help streamline this process for you and your employees today.


Junk Removal:

Whether you are moving or just simply need to de-clutter your home, apartment, garage or office, Ready Set Movers offers a Junk Removal service that can assist you with any of these needs. For items you wish to donate we offer drop off services to the nearest Goodwill, Kidney Foundation and Habitat for Humanity Restore locations. Ready Set Movers also is a big believer in doing its part to be green. Junk takes up an enormous amount of space in our landfills today, and it is our responsibility to help in the reduction of landfill waste. We are proponents in donating useable clothes, furniture, etc to local charities that can benefit from these items. We also support Charleston County’s recycling program by recycling all possible junk we remove from our customer’s home. The pricing breakdown is very straightforward and affordable for the service. For the junk removal service we offer a flat-rate estimate for each job. That way you know what to expect from the start of the job.

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