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How to save $$$ on my move

Here in South Carolina, we are a non-binding state when it comes to our local moving services. What this means is that the state regulates all licensed moving companies by making us provide our services on an hourly basis.

So as far as saving money on your move goes, making sure you are all packed up and organized will help your moving crew to get in and out of your home in an efficient manner. When you are packing up, make sure to clearly label the box with the contents and the room name on the top. Make sure both the top and bottom of the boxes are sealed with tape.

If you are feeling up to it, you can also move over items in your personal vehicles. Common items our customers move over on their own are: table lamps, hanging clothes, art and mirrors and other fragile items easily moved in a car. The less we move the quicker it takes. Faster move = cheaper bill!

Knowing where you want furniture to end up in the new house will help the efficiency of the move too. We are more than happy to move furniture all over the house, upstairs, downstairs, outside, etc, until you are happy. But if you have a plan from the get go, it will speed up the move.

As you are packing up, begin to purge unwanted items you won’t want in the new house. This will not only reduce the volume being moved, but will help you with a fresh new start in your new house!

These are just a handful of pointers to help you reduce some costs. The main thing to take from all this is ORGANIZATION! Being ready for move day is #1 priority. A good rule of them is to be boxed up, and prepared for the movers a day in advance.

Feel free to reach out to any of us at Ready Set Movers to help you better prepare for your upcoming move, or to just help come up with a good move plan.

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