More People Moving Into SC Than Out

Found this story from the South Carolina Association of REALTORS Facebook page (by Matt Long on January 3, 2011). Great read and couldn’t agree more! That is why we opened up Ready Set Movers, LLC in Charleston. It’s not your imagination. More people are moving into South Carolina than are moving out of it. According to the moving company United Van Lines, South Carolina is one of the top states for people moving in. United said 56 percent of its business in South Carolina involved those moving in, among the ten best in the country. The company annually releases figures detailing its more than 150,000 customers among the lower 48 states. North Carolina was slightly ahead of the Palmetto State at 57.5 percent. The District of Columbia was tops in the country, at 64 percent. New Jersey had the most people moving out, as nearly 63 percent of the moves were outbound. The Great Lakes states, especially Michigan and Ohio, also had a lot of outbound moves. While United is, granted, just one company, company officials maintain its migration tracking has accurately reflected population trends since the studies began in 1977.

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