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What to do before the big day?!?!?!

Moving can be an overwhelming task for a lot of people. It’s time consuming, stressful, exhausting and can be a daunting task to tackle...all while trying to keep your sanity. If you hire Ready Set Movers to pack you up for your move this will take a lot of the weight off your shoulders and put it on ours...literally. See our website under services to find out more about our packing services. https://www.readysetmovers.com/services

If you end up packing yourself, make sure all boxes are labeled with the room you want them to end up in, as well as taped securely on bottom and top. When packing, DON’T wait until the day before move day to get started. It’s easy to procrastinate and wait until the last minute. Trust me...not a good idea.

Here are some other bullet points that will help to ensure a smooth transition into your new house:

  1. Make sure all addresses and contact info on your estimate form are accurate so that the crew knows where they are going, and how to best contact you.

  2. Have a rough layout idea for furniture placement in the new house.

  3. Ensure any work being done at the new house is completed before move day. If not possible, inform your mover so they can plan accordingly.

  4. Clearly label any boxes, furniture, rooms, etc that you DO NOT want moved. Common items include: cable boxes, routers, personal bags/wallets, keys, final clean out cleaning supplies, appliances, electronics, items that convey with the sale of the house.

  5. Have a plan for kids and/or pets during the move to keep them busy and occupied.

  6. Inform your moving company with any changes made to your move plan ASAP. Common changes include: move date/time change (closing issues, construction delays, family emergency), additional pick-up and/or drop-off locations, additional services needed/not needed (packing, unpacking, etc).

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